Nirman - Architecture


A huge tree would have deep roots. Roots hugs the soil to flex its wings sky high. Any body who loves the soil like a tree can become Thannal or the shade. We are trying to create a natural habitat for a seed to sprout. Stepping on this soil with roots sprouting is our dream about Thannal

Happiness of a bird nesting on a tree!!. Our search is to find out if a place on earth can provide you with this happiness.

The place we live in is a material extension of our mind. The mind and the materials we use to build the house are delicately entangled as if in a musical note. Small change in one would affect the other, the symphony would break. So we should be really cautious while procuring the raw materials for building a house .Various raw materials including money should be pure to maintain the symphony of a construction

Thannal would blossom only when we attain that purity. We are on a journey towards that . At present we are in a stage called Pre-Thannal. It’s a phase of sadhana. With the mind of a sadhak we are trying to study the nature of materials…..The first work in the Pre-Thannal series, “vriksha-3” is almost complete in the yogic land of Thiruvannamalai in the heart of Arunachala