First Venture

Ryushin Paul Haller
Ryushin Paul Haller
Senior Dharma Teacher
at San Francisco
Zen Center

Construction & Zen Retreat
Building a Zendo
In India

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Ryushin Paul Haler Led zen retreat. Ryushin Paul Haller, the Abbot of San Francisco Zen Center having stepped down from being Abbot after 9 long years, is presently on a year’s sabbatical. He is spending his time connecting with the Sangha’s that he leads in Ireland, Slovenia and United States Of America. He set out from his homeland Belfast Ireland headed towards India in 1971. His enduring travels took him to Europe, Middle East, Russia and Afghanistan. He was introduced to Zen from Japan and travelled through South East Asia. He was ordained as a Buddhist Monk from Thailand where he spent six months in solitude, meditating in a remote cave. His travels brought him to San Francisco Zen Center in 1974, where he ended up becoming the Abbot. Now his journey towards India continues.

Your kind efforts and generosity will be of immeasurable benefit to countless beings unceasingly into the future. Thank you for joining in the creation of this International Center Of Peace.