Man does not live to just eat, sleep, mate, procreate and sustain such a stagnant existence. The possibility that lies within each one of us as a potential that awaits flowering and fruition through the process of its actualization through a life time, gets refined through sadhana or Practice, dissolving back to its origin of primal stillness. So a seeker searches for ways and means to live in the transactional horizontal giving expression to his deep founded interests that would support and nourish his growth towards a transcendental vertical. Let creativity and knowledge go side by side. A sharing, caring and selfless attitude brings so much beauty to life. Ultimately every being on earth seeks happiness. When search and action are naturally allowed to manifest relating with certitude of Truth, be it with pleasure or pain, it marks the growth of one's value vision

Nityanjali Symphony Of Values is an Open Platform that brings together Practice and Creativity. Nityanjalii connects, supports and nurtures Creative Endeavors. When Right Livelihood becomes an expression of One’s own Inner Potential and Creativity, Practice Enhances it. Nityanjali is a Venue that Facilitates Learning and Sharing of Skills.

Our Vision
  • Nityanjali Symphony Of Values is a World Wide Reflective and Creative Self Study Sangha with Zen as the Heart Of Practice.
  • Nityanjali facilitates, supports and sustains creative ventures.
  • Nityanjali is a bridge that brings together the East West Universe of Science and Wisdom.
  • Nityanjali reaches out to society through Recovery, Prison and other Outreach Program